Flute / Solos for Other Instruments


Amendment Blues, No. 1, for solo alto flute/voice (2011) 6′

Blooz Man/Poet Woman, for solo flute/voice (2004) 6’ Arizona University Publications*

border crossings at sunset, for solo flute/voice (2008) 2’

Dolce, Pureté, for solo flute/alto flute/voice and percussion (one player) (2014) 8′

The Light that Burns: in memoriam, Gabriel Mitchell, for solo alto flute/voice (2014) 7’

Mobius Trip, for solo flute (1973) 7’

Motel…loneliness, for voice/flute (1997) 6’ Notated and improvisational material

Profaning the Sacred II, for solo voice/flute/alto flute (2008) 8’ Arizona University Publications*

Sometimes the City is Silentfor solo flute (2002) 5’30”*

Sub-Music and Song, for solo flute (1983) 6’30”

Una voce perduta: in memoriam, Ted Shen, for solo alto flute (2003) 3’

Uncommon Time, for solo flute (1991) 5’30” (also playable with frame drum improvisation)



The Art of Noise, for flute/alto flute/voice and percussion (2011) 13’

Everything Changes, for flute/piccolo/voice and percussion (2007, rev. 2009) 10’ Notated material with limited improvisation

Gossamer Flute, for flute/voice and percussion (2013) 3’ Notated material with limited improvisation

On Thin Ice, for flute, and guitar or marimba  (1988,1999) 10’

Paradigms, for seven flutes, percussion and bass 1977) 18’; abridged version, 10’ (2001)

Profaning the Sacred, for voice/flute/alto flute and bass clarinet/clarinet (2000) 17’ Arizona University Publications (please contact the composer)



Dark was the Night, for solo guitar (1994) 12’ Casa Musicale Eco (http://www.casamusicaleeco.com)

Mamiwata, for solo marimba (1998) 10’

Omaggio a(n) Tony, for soprano or mezzo (2004) 3’

Speechscape, for solo alto saxophone (1985) 8’30” Dorn Publications (http://www.dornpub.com/)

Variations on a Summer Day, for narrator, piccolo, bass clarinet (1968) 1:34