Scat/Rap Counterpoint

Scat/Rap Counterpoint (1993, video, 1995)
for voice and percussion 10:07
Concept and Text by Janice Misurell-Mitchell
Director: Adam Khosro Beik; Video Editor: Sharon Karp
Performers: Janice Misurell-Mitchell, voice and flute; Dane Maxim Richeson, percussion

Scat/Rap Counterpoint presents various views of the dilemma in which American artists find themselves when they try to relate their work to their society. The issues are presented in the form of a rap dramatized by nine different characters, some of whom are treated seriously, and some, satirically. Each character advances the argument, albeit with frequent twists and turns; there are also clowns who appear briefly and mock the more serious characters, plus the appearance of a Special Guest. We also perform this live.